Unlock your professional presence with our tailored fashion solutions, designed to elevate your style and confidence in any setting.

Whether you’re seeking to refine your current look or embark on a style transformation, our expert guidance will help you project success and command attention effortlessly.

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Who It’s Good For

Are you looking for inspirations to refresh or reimagine your style? From finding clothes that suit you better to changing your whole look, the Bespoke package is here to revolutionize your style. This package addresses colors, styles, and fabrics to help you discover your winning style combination. It also covers creating a capsule wardrobe based on a few core garments. Plus, you receive unique shopping advice to optimize your shopping routine.


How It Works

If you choose the Bespoke package, you’ll need to fill out and submit an anonymous questionnaire to give our experts more insight into your style, expectations, and challenges you might be facing. You will be asked to submit hair and eye color details, body shape/measurement information, typical wearing occasions and intended goals to ensure our experts have sufficient data to generate your style recommendations. Within 3 business days, our team will deliver your personalized style guide and book an online chat with you. You can discuss your recommendations and queries with an expert stylist in your online consultation. They will guide you through the document and book your second appointment.

Supported languages: English.  


What You’ll Receive

The Bespoke package includes two 1-hour consultations with a professional stylist to address your goals, answer queries, and roadmap your wardrobe. Two sessions allow you to try out style suggestions and return for extra advice — ideal if you’re after a perfected new look. Bespoke package users also receive a 29-page PDF with custom recommendations, including:

  • 25 garment recommendations and where to purchase them online
  • A recommended closet color palette
  • 30 unique outfit combinations and possible color schemes
  • Clothes, styles, colors, and fits that aren’t recommended for you (to help you avoid adverse outfits)

Please take a look at the sample report, following this download link below.