Personal Stylist

How it works

Selecting your daily look should be an exciting experience, and with a personal stylist, it’s even better. Great style comes down to what you want. We’re on your side with advice to help you choose.

Our personal stylist service provides individual guidance and style advice to ensure you look your best without stress. From helping you style clothes to selecting garments, a personal stylist is on-hand to ensure you look great and feel extra confident.

We’re not here to sell you clothes or outfits, and we won’t spam you with deals. Our personal stylist is here to provide recommendations and tips to help you learn how to shop smart or create a capsule wardrobe.

Our style advice is formulated with understanding of your:

Wearing occasions and lifestyle
Personal profile: body type, color palette, age, personality traits, etc.
Style goals, desired impression, personal expression in clothing

Service Packages

Ready to get instant style advice? An in-person conversation is what you need. Get practical guidance and leading advice today. Book your first consultation below!

Office Essentials

  • Ensures a polished and professional presence in any office environment, whether formal or business casual
  • Tailored style advice based on your color palette, body type, and style goals
  • 21-page personalized style guide
  • 15 recommended office garments
  • 20 curated outfits


  • Develops a unique style that exudes confidence and fosters success through your personal image
  • Comprehensive questionnaire-based advice with a 1-hour one-on-one consultation
  • 29-page personalized style report
  • 25 recommended clothing items
  • 30 distinct outfits


  • Addresses all wardrobe challenges, crafting a refined style from scratch and reimagining your entire look
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your unique style needs and goals
  • Two 1-hour consultations
  • 29-page report
  • 25 items and 30 distinct outfits

Ask your personal stylist

Stepping up your personal style is an exhilarating journey. But do you know the best way to reach your style goals quickly? With a face-to-face expert consultation.

Chatting directly with a personal stylist provides fast advice that meets your style needs. From finding the right work outfit to creating an outfit for the all-important evening event, a stylist works with you to mix and match your closet while boosting your confidence.