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Your personal style advisor that helps create outfits and streamline your wardrobe. Virtually mix and match clothes to create looks for any occasion, from formal office settings to casual outings. Instantly generate your outfit of the day with ease.

Start Using in 3 Simple Steps

Dress-MeApp provides instant advice on the essential clothing items you needed in your wardrobe to create unique looks. Experiment and learn how to style and mix & match items effortlessly to create standout outfits.


Tell the app your wearing occasions and style preferences. Set your desired wardrobe size – the number of essential pieces that will be used in creating unique outfits.


Press Generate button to create your look of the day and know what to wear. Mix and match pieces on the virtual mannequin and save your favorite outfits.


Get advice on essential wardrobe staples tailored to your preferences. Browse must-have Tops, Bottoms, and Suites or Dresses, then save your favorites for future shopping.

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The demo of the app is available for older versions of iOS and Android