Web Simulator

While mobile apps are great for on-the-go tips, web-based applications provide more powerful benefits thanks to their advanced algorithms. With a web-based wardrobe simulator, you can:

  • Create your own online avatar and experiment with different outfits and accessories in your personal virtual fitting room.
  • Elevate your online shopping experience by trying on the latest looks from the comfort of your home. From matching clothes to your current wardrobe to discovering new designers, you can access a premium retail experience online.

Virtual Fitting Room
(coming soon)

Imagine a virtual fitting room with a digital avatar tailored to you. Sounds good, right? A personal online fitting room allows you to model new outfits, try the latest styles, experiment with colors, patterns, and designs, all in a virtual 3D space. Unique fashion whenever you want it!

Try On Before Buying
(coming soon)

Poor fit, bad options, and wrong sizes can ruin a shopping trip. But when you try on clothes online, these issues don’t exist! A real-time outfit simulator and a digital avatar ensure you have the correct sizes AND can mix and match with your home wardrobe. Easy shopping, every time.

Dress-MeApp Web Application

Dress-MeApp web application is coming soon. Help us make it better by answering these questions:

Dress-MeApp Blog Dress-MeApp Blog

  • What to wear when you are not sure how dressed up you need to be

    The hardest part of dressing well isn’t figuring out fit. Or how colors match. Or how much to spend on a specific item. These are things that can be picked up by doing a little bit of research. Those questions are the technical side of style, more of the science. The hardest part is deciphering

  • 80/20 rule for wardrobe awesomeness

    Let’s talk about trends & the place they have in your wardrobe! I believe that once you nail the basics of your lean closet, it’s important to leave yourself a little room to experiment. Style is a way to express yourself, and it should be fun! I won’t claim to be a minimalist. I don’t

  • Improve self confidence in the way you dress

    Your attitude behind the clothes you wear can make or break your look. Showing that you are comfortable in your clothes makes disproportions and all the figure flaws you’re deep down insecure about less noticeable.   Self confidence is only one part of the bigger picture On the other hand, having self confidence alone doesn’t