Initially launched as a mobile application, Dress-MeApp has evolved into a multifaceted venture that encompasses personalized style and fashion advisory services, software development, and idea incubation.

We started with the simple desire to help people decide what to wear. The concept of Dress-MeApp is to provide answers to these questions that most of us face nearly every day:

  • What do I wear in order to look trendy and feel confident today?
  • How do I shop wisely so that the clothes I buy suit me well and form stunning outfits?

While designing the Dress-MeApp, we had the goal in mind of creating a solution that would visually demonstrate how a limited number of clothes can be matched and combined into a surprising number of outfits for all occasions.

Why are we using sketched images? We purposefully show simplified images of clothes so that our users can decide on their own from where to buy those items and how much to spend on them. What is important to us is that Dress-MeApp users are aware of which essential items they want or need and how to wear them.

Our team brings in the following key competencies necessary for the project's success:

  • Fashion design: Our extensive experience encompasses designing garments, fabrics, orchestrating fashion collections, and providing personalized style consultations to clients.
  • Digital marketing: We excel in crafting and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies, communication campaigns, and product launches.
  • Software engineering: Proficient programmers adept at translating concepts into functional software solutions.
  • Project management: Strong organizational prowess and a track record of successful project execution.