Dress-MeApp is a mobile application that started with the simple desire to help people decide what to wear. The concept of the App is to provide a simple yet customizable tool that would, with the press of a button, address two questions that most of us face nearly every day:

  • What do I wear in order to look trendy and feel confident today?
  • How do I shop wisely so that the clothes I buy suit me well and form stunning outfits?

While designing the Dress-MeApp, we had the goal in mind of creating an application that would visually demonstrate how a limited number of clothes can be matched and combined into a surprising number of outfits for all occasions.

Why are we using sketched images? We purposefully show simplified images of clothes so that our users can decide on their own from where to buy those items and how much to spend on them. What is important to us is that App users are aware of which essential items they want or need and how to wear them.

As a team of strong professionals, we bring in key competencies needed for the success of our app.

So who is the team behind the app?


A fashion designer with years of experience designing clothes, fabrics, developing and launching fashion collections, and advising individual clients on creating personal style with clothes.


Inspired by technology, Effie is a fashion lover. Touched by the power of Digital technology, Effie is our digital marketing strategist and the person in charge of communicating the strengths and benefits of the application.


Viktor brings organizational support and project management expertise to the team. He is the "go-to guy" for turning ideas into results.

The Cipher Craft team:

Our software-side experts working to implement brave ideas in real-life applications . This is our "of course this can be coded!" part of the team that transforms vision into functionality.