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Our personal fashion-stylist app was built to help you:
  • Avoid decision fatigue by knowing 'what to wear' in every situation
  • Create your optimal "capsule" wardrobe with the tap of a button
  • Control your wardrobe and save time and money
  • Dress smart, be confident and look sharp


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Use the “Spider" to select your daily lifestyle so you can be better prepared to dress for any occasion.


Dress smart and invest wisely in your looks.


Embrace simplicity, get help matching clothes, and know what to wear with just the click of a button.


It’s time to shop smart! Find out what items are must-haves for your wardrobe.

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A smart way to declutter your closet.

How many times do you open your wardrobe and think you have nothing to wear and yet have a full wardrobe?
Would you like the idea of getting up in the morning and getting dressed in no time? Then you are in luck and the right place...

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Six capsule wardrobe myths and how to bust them.

Myth: You have to look minimal in your aesthetic.
Actually: A minimalist “look” is different than a minimalist “number.” If you want to “be more with less” and you want to do it with pink, gold, and big floral patterns, go for it...

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How it works: start using Dress-MeApp in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Generate your look of the day
Step 2: Check what are the must haves for your wardrobe
Step 3: Create and save your own sets
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